Lucky Luscious Ladies


Lucky Luscious Ladies


L3 Rules


  1. Don't be a dick.  When in doubt, always refer to rule #1!
  2. NO means NO.  There are NO negotiations with this rule.
  3. Ask permission to touch or to play.  Do not assume you have the consent of all parties involved.  If you would like to touch/play with someone that is part of a couple, ask both people, especially their partner.  If you would like to touch/play with someone who is single, just ask.  Remember, they have a right to say "No thanks!"
  4. NO pictures!!!  No cameras, no cell phone pics, no video cameras, NO PICTURES!  This is also stated in the rules for Club Princeton.
  5. Do not touch what does not belong to you without permission.  This includes, but is not limited to: people, bags, drinks, toys, etc.  If you have a problem with someone not respecting your "No", fine security or the owners and we will deal with it.
  6. What happens at the party stays at the party.  Please do not divulge details to people who were not there.  People would like to keep their private lives private.  Just say it was a good time, and encourage them to come out and experience one themselves if they are that interested.  If you are reported for having told details you will get one warning.  After that, you will be banned from all L3 parties, events and groups.
  7. Wash up.  Be clean when you get to the party, and clean up between partners.  It is polite and makes you more popular.
  8. Clean up your mess!!  If you are playing in a room, pull the corner of the sheet off the bed when you are done so housekeeping knows to change it.  If you are on a sofa or chair, put a towel between your butt and the furniture.
  9. When you are done with a room, tie the ribbon around the curtain to let people know that room is now empty.  If the door is closed, please do not open it or peak in.  Do NOT enter a "room" that has the door closed.  This means the people in that room want things to be as private as they can be.
  10. Overly intoxicated people will be removed.  We like you to have drinks and fun.  Once that fun turns into someone being belligerent and disrespectful, the fun is over for everyone.  
  11. Club Princeton (per The Management) does not allow individuals who are convicted felons and/or who have a registered Sex Offender's status (RSO).  Therefore, we (L3) are bound by those rules as well.  No one who fits either status is allowed in our group and /or at our parties.  Club Princeton and L3 will ban any member who violates this rule.
  12. Please do not hesitate to talk to the L3 Owners, Staff or Security if you have a problem or concern that needs to be dealt with.
  13. Single males ARE NOT permitted in the back play area without an escorting female (who is to remain with him and is responsible for him while he is back there) or a "Good Boy" wrist band.  

Club Princeton has something to say about STDs


  As many of you know, I am outspoken when it comes to safe sex.  I also want you to know that if you have an STD, then I do not want you getting involved sexually with other members, and I certainly would never forgive you if you concealed your STD and went ahead and had sex.


In Ohio, it is a FELONY (ORC:2903.11)-No person, with knowledge that the person has tested positive for HIV, shall knowingly do any of the following (1) Engage in sexual conduct with another person without disclosing his or her HIV positive status to the other person prior to engaging in sexual conduct (2)Engage in sexual conduct wiht a person whom the offender knows or has reasonable cause to believe lacks the mental capacity to appreciate the significance of the knowledge that offender is HIV positive or (3)Engage in sexual conduct with a person under 18 who is not the spouse of the offender.  Violation of this provision is a felony of the second degree.  If the victim is a peace officer or an investigator of the bureau of criminal identification and investigation and suffers serious physical harm as a result of the offense, it is a felony of the first degree.  ("Sexual conduct" is defined in ORC:2903.11 (E) (4).)  HIV, or any STD for that matter; it makes no difference.  Concealing an STD and having sex with one of our members without their full consent and full disclosure is a FELONY.


SAFE SEX MEANS YOU TRULY LOVE YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU!!!  For many years we invited the Health Department into the club for FREE screenings and we are always volunteering to be the first in line in an effort to encourage all of our members to be tested.


From time to time, we make an effort to remind everyone the importance of SAFE SEX and today was just one of those days we felt the urge to share that with everyone...


Wishing you the best,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

Swingers' Etiquette


BE YOURSELF-People are interested in YOU, so relax and be yourself.  This does not mean you should be a jerk or disrespect others.  It means you should "let your hair down".  In addition, whether or not you are interested in swinging with someone or couples in particular, remember to always be polite.


BE COURTEOUS-The lifestyle can raise certain, valid insecurities, uncertainties and fears.   You are not always going to find people that share the exact same views as you do.  Always try to be aware of other people's comfort levels, especially your partner.  In a group party situation, a friendly "hello" can work wonders to ease someone's discomfort.  If you find that your interests are in different directions, or any attractions are not mutual, remember to remain polite as you would certainly wish to be treated.  Keep an open mind.


RESPECT OTHERS' FEELINGS-Beware, not everyone is comfortable in all situations.  Keep your eyes open for signs that your partner and others around you are relaxed and enjoying themselves.  If someone is not comfortable, try helping him/her to overcome his or her discomfort.  Remember, you were a beginner once too.


DO NOT PUSH-Remember, "no" means "no".  Anyone has the right to refuse your advances, just as you have the right to refuse theirs.  Do not expect or ask for any explanation.  In this lifestyle an initial "no" will seldom change to a "yes" no matter how much persuasion you apply.  Not everyone will match perfectly and an improperly handled situation can result in hurt feelings.  If there is someone that you would like to swing with, let them know in a friendly manner and accept their response, whatever it may be.  If they change their mind, they will let you know.


PRACTICE SAFE SEX-Practicing safe sex is a must.  Please be sure to bring condoms.  Do not have oral sex with anyone if you have a cold sore or fever blister.  If you are inserting toys and/or fingers, make sure they are cleaned and sanitized.  After you have had sex with someone, please clean up before you attempt to have sex with someone else.  If you have had oral sex, please be sure to use mouthwash that contains an antiseptic such as Listerine before attempting to have oral sex with anyone else.


BE CONSIDERATE OF THE HOST-Never arrived empty handed.  When you go to someone's home for a party, ask if there is anaything you can bring.  It is amazing how many supplies, other than food, are used at an average party.


GO PREPARED-Take whatever you personally are going to need with you.  Carry a small overnight bag for lingerie or a robe, hairbrush, comb, cologne, intimate cleansing articles, condoms, etc.  If you plan to stay over, sleeping bags or blankets, washcloth and towel and pillow are all necessities.


CLEANLINESS-Really is next to godliness.  Nothing turns a person off faster and more effectively than an unclean body or unfresh breath.  Even if you shower and perfume yourself before you leave home, it is always a good idea to freshen up again when you arrive at your destination.  It is amazing what driving somewhere, stopping for a bite, smoking a cigarette, or whatever can undo.  Also, make sure you wash up between partners.  


ONLY DO WHAT IS FUN FOR YOU-Do not allow yourself to become sexually involved with anybody that you're not interested in.  There is no reason to involve yourself in a scene that you are not comfortable with.  You are in the lifestyle to enjoy yourself, so only do what you want, when you want, with whom you want.


HOW AND WHY TO SAY "NO"-One of the basic etiquette in swinging is the right for anyone to say "No".  Experience has taught most people that not everyone is for everyone else.  Improper handling of a situation can however lead to many hurt or very negative feelings.  The swing world accepts the premise that everyone has the right to say "No" to anyone at any time, and it should be done with a simple "No, thank you".  Never give an explanation, because that is usually what causes problems and pain.


ENJOY YOURSELF-Swinging is about having a good time.  Live some fantasies, explore your sexuality, and enjoy!  This lifestyle has plenty to offer with clothes on as well as off.  Approach it with a positive attitude and a sense of humor.


FAQ-Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


  • We are in the VIP Lounge upstairs at Club Princeton (CP)
  • You DO NOT have to be a member or pay a membership fee to CP to come to L3 events.
  • L3 events are open and welcoming to couples, single females and single males.  Single males do not have to be escorted or sponsored in order to attend an event.  Single males DO need an escort (or a "Good Boy" band) to be in the back play area
  • Dress to impress.  No ripped clothes, no tennis shoes.  Men wear slacks and nice shirts.  Women look your sexy best!  Must be street legal to walk from the car to the club, but inside it is mild to wild.  Feel free to dress the theme.  It is encouraged!
  • No glass allowed beyond the bar area.  PLEASE TIP the bartender!  Our sexy bartender keeps us moving.
  • BYOC.  Bring your own condoms, lube, gloves, dental dams, etc.  Also, make sure to clean up after yourself.  Throw used condoms and other trash away in the available receptacles.
  • This is an on-premise swingers club.  That means you very well may see nudity and/or sexual situations, and sex is allowed.
  • DO NOT enter an occupied room unless you are invited to do so.  DO NOT open a door if it is closed.  This equates to entering a room.
  • When you are finished using a room, please pull the corner of the sheet off the mattress to indicated to housekeeping that it needs changed/cleaned.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!
  • Do not touch a person without their permission
  • You must be 21 to enter and have your ID with you.  The first visit to Club Princeton (CP) requires you to fill out a form so your information will be entered into their computer system.  CP does not release your information to the public.
  • Cost is based on arrival times.  Please see the "Entry Fees" tab for full information.
  • Parties are the SECOND SATURDAY of every month.
  • Doors open at 8:00 pm and venue closes at 2:00 am
  • Laura is the L3 owner.  If you  have ANY problems with ANYTHING, let her know!  If you want to meet someone, let her know.  If you had a great time, please let her know!!

Good Things To Know


Picture Taking-Please do not take pictures inside the club.  If we find you taking pictures you will be asked to leave.  This is for safety and privacy for everyone involved.  On special occasions we will have a professional photographer onsite to take pictures that you can purchase.  When we do this, you will be required to sign a release before any pictures can be taken.


You Need to Be Polite-If someone compliments you, take it in stride.  Say thank you (or ignore it if you must) and move on.  Don't get in a huff because they aren't the gender that you want, or are a person you don't like, or any other myriad of reasons.  No name calling.  Period.  Apologize, if necessary.  Don't judge anyone else who is in this group for what they say or do, even if you don't agree.  You know what?  YOU are in the group too, and don't want to be judged either.  Don't be the pot calling the kettle black...


The Owner's Word is Gold-Laura is the owner of Club L3.  She has the final say.  Some things are not up for discussion.  Catch her on a bad day, and the point may come across more harshly than intended (she is HUMAN, afterall).  We also have to abide by what the Club Princeton Management says/wants.  We will pass down information or remove people if needed.  You don't like what we decide, say or do?  You are under no obligation to attend.  The group is for party promotion and the people who go or want to go.  We want to make this a good experience for everyone.


Read the Other Rules/Guidelines and FAQs-Almost all topics are covered somewhere on this site.  If you have a question beyond this or need clarification, then please ask.


Respect Others' Privacy-What goes on at the parties should stay at the parties.  We hope that you have a great time and that you want to tell everyone on the planet about what a great club you went to.  However, we do not want you to say well I did X, Y, and Z with so and so, and so and so was doing Q, R and S with so and so.  Remember, discretion is key.


Safer Sex-Since we are all adults, you are all responsible to bring and/or use protection.  You ask for it to be used or follow through with making sure it is.  You don't ask and have regrets later on that you didn't?  That's on you.  You worry about you, and what you do.  You see someone not using protection?  That's not your deal.  Maybe they don't care, maybe they have an agreement not to.  Who knows.  It's NOT your problem.  Unless they are being forced, stay out of it.  We are adults over the age of 21.  Be responsible for yourself.  You see someone not using protection and that's against what you believe in?  Make the choice to not play with that person.  It's that simple.


This page is to promote Lucky Luscious Ladies Parties-It is meant to give people information about the Lucky Luscious Ladies Events and the people that run them.  We are an on-premise lifestyle club that meets the second Saturday of every month in the VIP Lounge at Club Princeton.  The parties are as individual as the people who come to them.  Please come with an open mind and ready to have fun.  They are what you make of them.  If you determine they'll be just like you heard through the grapevine, they will be bad or good, depending on what you heard.  If you take the advice/complaints with a grain of ssalt and an open mind, you are free to make up your own mind about your experience.  However, if you choose only to engage with people come up to you, you will be selling yourself and the party short.  Mingle.  Socialize.  Get to know people.  You'll see for yourself what a great group it is!


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